Enjoy Japanese Cuisine In Japanese Style

Miami is known for its beautiful beaches but now it is becoming popular for its Japanese cuisine served in various Japanese restaurants on the Miami lakes. These Japanese restaurants not only serve the Japanese fast food but are also breaking the popular belief that fast food are not healthy food. The Japanese restaurants based on Miami lakes are known for their delicious and healthy food. You can find a number of Japanese food serves here using the original spices used in Japan to provide the original Japanese taste.

sushi plate

Sushi; the taste of Japan

Sushi is the vinegar rice which is cooked along with sugar and salt followed by different spices along with the cooked or raw sea food or you can add vegetables to complete the dish. The different variants of sushi depend upon the taste and the type of food you eat whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Sometimes even tropical fruit is also added to sushi to provide other variants of the food.

Types of Sushi

Nigri sushi – This is the type of sushi where fish is added as topping on the sushi rice to complete the dish. This sushi is famous among the fish lovers of Japan and other parts of the world.

Sashimi sushi – This dish of sushi comes alone with shell fish or fish alone without rice. Thus, the real lovers of fish can enjoy this dish.

Maki – This is another variant of dish where you find the rice and the filling wrapped in the sea weed.  It is often confused with the sushi rolls.

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