Enjoy The Taste Of Different Types Of Sushi Dishes

There are different types of foods available at the restaurants. At some restaurants, you can enjoy fine dining while at some others you can have the yummy fast food. If you are fond of Japanese food then surely you will like to include sushi dishes in your meals. You can order the best sushi dishes in Japanese style. You can even find some sushi restaurants near your location from where you can order the best sushi dishes.

Some yummy sushi dishes

There are different types of sushi dishes. Some of them are:

Maki – This recipe of sushi is prepared with simple rice, vegetable and seafood. These ingredients are rolled in crispy seaweed.

Urmaki– In this type of sushi dish, the rice is rolled outside and the seaweeds are stuffed inside of the role. These sushis can be cooked or eaten raw. These are served with a variety of toppings and sauces.

Nigiri – It is commonly known as hand pressed sushi. A piece of oblique roll of rice is pressed with palm and topped with raw fishes.

Temki – This sushi looks similar to the shape of an ice- cream cone. The cone of seaweed is wrapped around rice. It has the filling ofsliced vegetables. It has a good taste and is perfect for those who do not eat raw fish.

Sasazushi – In this type of sushirecipe, rice and topping is rolled in the bamboo leaves. Mountain vegetables such as – walnut, mushrooms etc. are used as the topping.

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